What do rideshare drivers do between rides? They can either keep driving or park somewhere until a new ride is found. But what if they can’t find anywhere to park?

The San Francisco area is especially an area that needs some type of parking resolution.

Because of traffic, many drivers end up circling around as they are met with the frustrating task of finding parking. With little spots available, rideshare drivers need a place to park between rides.

JUSTINSPOT is a peer-to-peer parking marketplace that connects drivers with owners’ unused parking spaces via its location aware app. Drivers can grab or exchange spots in real-time in neighboring spaces.

This not only saves drivers from unnecessary circling and wasting gas, but it is also an effort to be a part of the solution when it comes to the environment as well. In 2015, San Francisco air quality was ranked among the top 10 in places with the worst air quality. There are countless opportunities to help reduce our fair share of pollution; JUSTINSPOT is one of those opportunities.

We’re inviting rideshare drivers and spot owners to be part of the beta test for JUSTINSPOT.

Email support@JUSTINSPOT.com to get on the invitation list today.